Tuesday night isn’t boring anymore

Try our Games Night – we’ve got a selection of board games and favourites for you to come and play – if you’ve not got anyone to partner in a game of scrabble why not see if there’s someone equally unattached already in the pub?

Or come with your normal opponent and enjoy playing draughts or chess in an atmosphere of alcohol and conviviality. Just put £1 each in the pot for the RNLI and the game of your choice is yours for the evening.

There’s also our normal Tuesday quiz – £20 prize – for an entry fee of £1.

For what I like to call an ‘executive’ evening experience you can also have a pie and a pint for £10, which gives you free entry to the quiz or pick of a game.

Available any time from 7pm onwards, the quiz starts at 7.30pm.


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